International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS) / Conference on Artificial Intelligence Planning Systems (AIPS)


ICAPS 2018: Delft, The Netherlands

ICAPS 2017: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

ICAPS 2016: London, UK

ICAPS 2015: Jerusalem, Israel

ICAPS 2014: Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA

ICAPS 2013: Rome, Italy

ICAPS 2012: Atibaia, São Paulo, Brazil

ICAPS 2011: Freiburg, Germany

ICAPS 2010: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

ICAPS 2009: Thessaloniki, Greece

ICAPS 2008: Sydney, NSW, Australia

ICAPS 2007: Providence, Rhode Island, USA

ICAPS 2006: Cumbria, UK

ICAPS 2005: Monterey, California, USA

ICAPS 2004: Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

ICAPS 2003: Trento, Italy

ICAPS is the merger of AIPS and ECP

6. AIPS 2002: Toulouse, France

5. AIPS 2000: Breckenridge, CO, USA

4. AIPS 1998: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

AIPS 1998 Home Page

3. AIPS 1996: Edinburgh, UK

2. AIPS 1994: Chicago, Illinois, USA

1. AIPS 1992: College Park, Maryland, USA

The First International Conference on AI Planning Systems, June 15-19, 1992, College Park, Maryland

Expert Planning Systems 1990: Brighton, UK

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