31st AINA 2017: Taipei, Taiwan - Workshops

The 13th International Symposium on Frontiers of Information Systems and Network Applications (FINA-2017)

Session 1: Secure Systems and Networks

Session 2: Wireless Networks and Mobile Systems

Session 3: Security and Privacy

Session 4: Network Systems and Applications

Session 5: Multimedia Systems and Web Applications

Session 6: Scalable and High Performance Computing

The 13th International Workshop on Heterogeneous Wireless Networks (HWISE-2017)

Session 1: Mobile and Wireless Communication Systems

Session 2: VANETs and Wireless Sensor Networks

The 10th International Workshop on Bio and Intelligent Computing (BICom-2017)

Session 1: Intelligent Algorithms

Session 2: Intelligent Computing Systems

The 5th International Workshop on Collaborative Enterprise Systems (COLLABES-2017)

Session 1: Smart Environments and Information Systems

Session 2: Collaborative and Secure Systems

The 4th International Workshop on Device Centric Cloud (DC2-2017)

Session 1: IoT and Cloud

Session 2: Vehicular Networks and Security

The 5th International Workshop on Network Management and Monitoring (NetMM-2017)

Session 1: Network Monitoring and Management

The 10th International Workshop on Information Technology for Innovative Services (ITIS-2017)

Session 1: Information Sciences and Arts

Session 2: Psycho-Informatics and Sports Informatics

The 11th International Workshop on Telecommunication Networking, Applications and Systems (TeNAS-2017)

Session 1: Networks, Infrastructure and Billing

Session 2: Wireless and Mobile Technology

The 10th International Symposium on Mining and Web (MAW-2017)

Session 1: Mining and Web Application I

Session 2: Mining and Web Application II

The 2nd International Workshop on Innovative Technologies in Informatics and Networking (WITIN-2017)

Session 1: Wireless and Mobile Networks

Session 2: IoT and Networking

Session 3: Intelligent Data Analysis

The 9th International Workshop on Disaster and Emergency Information Network Systems (IWDENS-2017)

Session 1: Disaster Information Networking and Applications

Session 2: Disaster Information Systems

The 2nd International Workshop on Big data processing in Online Social Network (BOSON-2017)

Session 1: Modeling and Simulation of Big Data Processing

Session 2: Technologies for Online Social Network Data Processing