7. ARES 2012: Prague, Czech Republic

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Full Papers

Security as Quality Property

Aspects of Privacy


Privacy Enhancing Technologies

Authorization and Authentication

Short Papers

Software Security

Security and Usability

Security in Electronic Services and Mobile Services

Security Control

Security Studies

Network Analysis and Security

Cloud Security and Analysis

Seventh International Workshop on Frontiers in Availability, Reliability, and Security (FARES 2012)

Risk Assessment, Security Measurement, and Embedded Security


Cloud Computing and Social Networks

First International Workshop on Security of Mobile Applications (IWSMA 2012)

First International Workshop on Modern Cryptography and Security Engineering (MoCrySEN 2012)

Modern Cryptography

Security Engineering

Fourth International Workshop on Organizational Security Aspects (OSA 2012)

Second International Workshop on Resilience and IT-Risk in Social Infrastructures (RISI 2012)

On Security and Patterns

On Isolation and Secure Systems

First International Workshop on Security Ontologies and Taxonomies (SecOnT 2012)

Knowledge Base Development


Sixth International Workshop on Secure Software Engineering (SecSE 2012)

Threats and Approaches

Taxonomies and Comparisons

Fifth International Workshop on Digital Forensics (WSDF 2012)

Theoretical Methods and Statistics for Forensics

Applied Forensics and Data Generation

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