3PGCIC 2010: Fukuoka, Japan

PGCIC 2010 Workshop

Session 1: Cluster and Grid Computing

Session 2: Cluster and Grid Computing

Session 3: P2P Computing

Session 4: Multimedia Applications

Session 5: Multimedia Applications

Session 6: Knowledge Management and Data Mining

Session 7: Virtual Organizations, Enterprise and Cloud Computing

Session 8: Internet and Web Computing

Session 9: Parallel, Distributed and Collaborative Systems

Session 10: Security, Dependability and Reliability

BIDS 2010 Workshop

Session: Business Intelligence and Distributed Systems

EDTCI 2010 Workshop

Session A: Advanced Concepts, Techniques and Methods

Session B: Emerging Interfaces, Simulations and Practices

Session C: Prompting Future Directions in Collective Intelligence

MiDiS 2010 Workshop

Session A: MiDiS: Peer-to-Peer and Grid Systems

Session B: MiDiS: Middleware Services

MWVRTA 2010 Workshop

Session A: Interfaces and Simulators

Session B: Multimedia Systems and Applications

Session C: Multimedia Display and Processing

SMDMS 2010 Workshop

Session A: Video Stream

Session B: Applications for Streaming Data

Session C: Stream Processing and Protocols

SMECS 2010 Workshop

Session A: Modeling and Simulation I

Session B: Modeling and Simulation II

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