IADIS Conferences

International Association for Development of the Information Society (IADIS)

IADIS AC 2009: Rome, Italy

European Conference on Data Mining 2008: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

e-Learning 2008: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

CELDA 2005: Porto, Portugal

IADIS AC 2005: Algarve, Portugal

CELDA 2004: Lisbon, Portugal

IADIS-WBC 2004: Lisbon, Portugal

IADIS-WBC 2004 Home Page

IADIS-AC 2004: Lisbon, Portugal

IADIS-AC 2004 Home Page

ICWI 2004: Madrid, Spain


ICWI 2004 Home Page

ICWI 2003: Algarve, Portugal


ICWI 2003 Home Page

ICWI 2002: Lisbon, Portugal

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